Though I have all the recommended curriculum for my age group,
and have planned each activity, and have not love,
        I am not a teacher.


And though I have all colors of construction paper,
teaching pictures, suggested books and puzzles,
have the latest video in my VCR, and not have love,
        I am not a teacher.


For a teacher is more than being early,
        having the room ready,
                and plan sheet prepared.


A teacher shows kindness and listens a lot.
A teacher is patient and does not get upset
        when a child turns over the red paint.


A teacher works in cooperation with others,
and uses her God-given talents and abilities
        to enhance her teaching with her children.


A teacher does not seek praise but works for the glory of God.
A teacher seeks God’s help to solve problems,
        believes in her children and wants the best for them.


For a teacher’s work is meaningless unless
        she is sincerely interested in each child as an individual.


Where there be tempra paint—it shall dry up.
        Where there be crayons, they shall be broken.
                Where there be educational research,
                        it shall be outdated.


But sharing God’s love with young children will last a lifetime.
For all worthwhile work is a result of God’s love and guidance.


And now there are methods, teaching resources, and love—
These three, but the greatest of these is love,
For without God’s love, ALL teaching is for our glory!


—Christine Carver McCauley*

*with two changes (adaption of 1 Corinthians 13)